Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections are one of the most difficult inspections to undertake. We are looking at a building at a moment in time without any benefit of the history. It is for this reason that in addition to the Visual Timber Pest Inspection, where we look for any visible indication that timber pests are present we also apply further tests beyond the requirements of the applicable Australian Standard.

When carrying out the Visual Timber Pest Inspection we also use a moisture meter to detect variations in moisture content of timber and internal linings as this can be an indicator of termite activity. However high moisture readings can be caused by other things.

When moisture is detected how do we know if the moisture is caused by termites or by something else?

When moisture is detected we apply further tests using a Thermal Imaging Camera to test for any variation in thermal energy, as a variation in heat can also be an indicator of termite activity or termite mudding. If the damp area is caused by termite activity we should get a variation in the thermal reading for that area. As it is possible that both heat and moisture could be caused by something other than termites we conduct a third test, we also test for movement. The Termatrac device is used to test for movement in the suspect area. This is because other tests may not detect minor activity that could be present. The Termatrac device is also used where we find potential concealed entry points for termites.

The same applies when we conduct the thermal imaging scan of the house. Heat variation can be an indicator of termite activity however it can also be an indicator of the refrigerator on the other side of the wall. It is only by looking at a number of these indicators that a true conclusion can be reached. You can’t assume that just because there is a refrigerator on the other side of the wall causing heat that there are no termites as well. Termites like the heat from things like refrigerators.

If a conclusive result cannot be gained after conducting the above tests then, with the vendors’ permission, we can drill a small hole and inspect the hidden area with a state of the art optical fibre borescope.

As part of our service on Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections we will review documentation provided by vendors regarding termite history or previous inspection reports on a property. This is often extremely useful for looking at the long-term termite risks.

Unlike many Timber Pest Inspectors we will also provide you with the costs for ongoing Termite Management at the property to ensure that your new house has the best possible care.

We prefer our clients to meet us on site and discuss the issues found at the property. This often helps to better under stand this most important report when it arrives in your inbox.

So while every Inspection has its limitations no other Company can provide the range of services or tests to inspect your prospective new home for timber pests.


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Because the Termatrac is non-destructive we use it on Prior to Purchase inspection reports.

A prior to purchase inspection report can save you thousands of dollars and protect your investment and home. Find out more »