When a suspect area is identified because of a heat, moisture or visual indicator, we can use the Termatrac device to apply another test. We can use it where no other indicators are present except a number of conditions conducive to termite attack such as a timber retaining wall abutting the house. While other things may cause heat and moisture within a house, termites move and the Termatrac will detect this movement within solid objects and wall cavities using microwave technology. Once termites are detected, the Termatrac can be used to follow that activity to locate more baiting sites or entry points to the building. The Termatrac can only check a small area at a time so is not practical to use to check the entire building and can also be affected by the presence of heavy mudding in the wall or cool conditions that cause termites to move slowly. Because the Termatrac is non-destructive we use it on Prior to Purchase inspection reports.