Thermal ImagingThermal Imaging

Thermal imaging uses technology that detects differentials in heat energy. A Thermal camera creates an image based on thermal energy rather than visible light. It is particularly useful in brick veneer constructions...Read more »


When a suspect area is identified because of a heat, moisture or visual indicator, we can use the Termatrac device to apply another test. We can use it where no other indicators are present except a number of conditions conducive to termite attack such as a timber retaining wall abutting the house...Read more »

Optical Fibre BorescopesOptical Fibre Borescopes

While these are destructive tests involving the drilling of small holes, borescopes are a simple and quick way to see what is in a wall. While you cannot probe timber via the borescope, it can reveal termite mudding and even live termites in concealed areas...Read more »

Search DogsTermite Search Dogs

Search dogs will react to the smell of termites by showing interest in an area or scratching and chewing to indicate the presence of termites...Read more »