Since that time Shane’s selective breeding program has proven again and again the value of this brilliant Dog Team as they continuously prove that they are still one of the most sensitive tools that the Pest Industry can provide its customers. Shane’s results were not unnoticed and he has been working with legendary Dog Training Identity Steve Austin to improve dog training technology and techniques. As a result of improved methods and ideology the range of training has been greatly increased so that now Pestforce dogs are being trained for multiple purposes and owners. Many of the dogs are being trained to be sensitive to a variety of odours as well as specialised training for jobs like Explosive detection, and Exotic weed detection for the Australian National Parkes and much more.Dogs Breeding Program

Initially Shane chose Cocker Spaniel Champion Field Dog blood lines inspired by Mick McCauliff a de-commissioned army bomb dog trainer who had been commissioned by Flick to train dogs for termite detection. Shane was present a Micks initial presentation to the Pest Industry which sparked Shane’s interest and also raised many invaluable questions that would later be answered by their collaboration. The combination of Shane’s industry knowledge and Mick’s dog training knowledge resulted in “Alf” Pestforce’s first Termite Dog who was featured on the front page of  Pest Manager Magazine  in 1996 (image supplied). It was Mick who decided that the Cocker Spaniel was the perfect breed for this industry. Their small size perfectly suits the small confined spaces that technicians continue to struggle with to this day. As a  gun dog they have been bred for hundreds of years to work off lead with a high degree of control.  These beautiful and highly intelligent animals are also non-threatening, even the most nervous of customers will warm to the friendly nature of these fantastic dogs.

In the first few litters Shane was averaging one detection dog out of 10 puppies once he introduced the Welsh Cocker Spaniel Working Dog Blood Line he began achieving initially one out of every three puppies producing wonderful termite detection dogs like Pete and Ess who have shown Pestforce many years of loyal and invaluable service. This last litter from the mating of Luna (mother bred by  Brett Davidson of Bodhran Gun Dog’s Bakers Hill WA) and Ess has been outstanding and so far averaging four out of five puppies who are all showing great potential at this stage. The three larger golden puppies “Blondie”, “Nuggett”, “Boof” and the large black male puppy “Jet” in the background of the image are all very promising.

Dogs Breeding Program   Dogs Breeding Program