Prior to purchase property report access contact details and agreement/request form

Customer Details

Customer Information

(On receipt of the completed Access details and the PPI Agreement below Pestforce will contact the Real Estate Agent or nominated persons to arrange access. All reports will be forwarded to the nominated person/s once full payment has been received)

Please complete contact details of Person/s authorised to grant access to the property as well as the PPI Agreement

Once my PPI Inspection has been completed and payment made I would like my PPI Report

The Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspection ordered by you will be carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice for A Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspection which includes and exceeds the requirement of Australian Standard 4349.3.

To avoid any misunderstanding as to the scope of the inspection carried out and the information in the report provided to you it is important that you read the Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections- a copy of which can be found on the AEPMA web site (go to the Code of Practice Tab).

Before the Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspection can be carried out we need you to confirm your order either by submitting this form, signing the bottom of this document and returning it to us or submitting this form.

Fax: 9651 1803 Mail: PO Box 116 Round Corner 2158 Or Email: – (copying the Agreement Section below)

I confirm that I have read the Prior to Purchase Code of Practice and understand the limitations of the proposed inspection and report. I have informed the vendor/vendors agent of the tests that will be carried out to the property which will include: Probing tests, Splinter tests, Sounding tests, Thermal Imaging tests, Moisture Reading tests.

I request that the Termite Search dog be used on this inspection and will forward written permission from the vendor/vendors agent to you prior to the inspection being carried out.

I have been informed of the cost of the Prior to Purchase Inspection and I agree that payment will be made for the Inspection and Report ordered prior to Pestforce Pty Ltd releasing the report to me.

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