Pest Managers on the other hand provide an intangible service.  Termites, are hard to find when they are attacking a house, it takes a specialist trained technician, armed with an array of tools of termite detecting equipment including electronic moisture meters, thermal cameras, trained dogs, and Movement detectors, and the list goes on with stethoscopes, optical fibre borescopes, and probes.  People have devoted their lives to the detection and management of this subterranean threat to our homes.  How does the home owner really know how good or effective the strategy adopted is?  Truth is they don’t.   

Often chemical barrier applications are used in situations where they can not possibly work.  Often baiting systems are inappropriately placed, many cases of baits being placed into chemically treated soil.  Often termites will get past both baiting systems and chemical applications so regular competent skilled inspections are required to detect re-infestations. 

The costs of business is the cost of business and to achieve a cheap price, gains have to be made in areas of productivity and materials used.  Time is the biggest single factor in the management of termites and the casualty of the failure of the termite management program is the house.  

Good termite management takes time and resources.  The approach must be an integrated approach and ready to change strategies as site conditions change.  Resources must be ready to respond however often termite management companies and come and then they go leaving the home with out service. 

Pestforce Pty Ltd has been in the business of termite management for over thirty years.  We have the most advanced methods and tools to manage termites while minimising the risk of chemical applications.  Our staff are not sub-contractors who are here today and gone tomorrow.  Pestforce Pty Ltd have the trained staff committed to the highest level of service and response available.  Pestforce Pty Ltd have the equipment and trained detection dogs that no others have. 

Pestforce Pty Ltd will not charge you for a site visit to assess your termite management program requirements.  Call our office now on 0296512311