Pestforce was established in 1983 by Max Clarke. Max foresaw the urgent need for an Australian Pest Control Company specialising in termite infestation management, using environmentally sensitive control programmes to be carried out with the maximum possible safety to both Pestforce clients and staff. Shortly after establishment, Pestforce acquired Hills District Pest Control of Dural, N.S.W, who had built up an excellent service and safety record in their previous 18 years operation. Highly experienced staff from those early days are still members of the Pestforce Team, which is still headquartered at Dural and proudly remains a medium sized, family owned business.

We began to use the Sentricon Colony Elimination System in 1996 when Dow AgroSciences commenced field trials and development in Australia. Since then we have carried out constant evaluation, and developed enhancements to the system to improve performance. Pestforce played a key role in the development and effective use of Sentricon above-ground baits, and the development of the use of underground wings to increase hits and reduce abandonment of in-ground baits. This culminated in a baiting strategy so radically different from the basic systems being used, it became known as the SafeTNet Termite Management Strategy. No other strategy can match its performance in the interception and elimination of termites.

Pestforce continues to be at the leading edge of termite management:

    • Pestforce has successfully used search dogs to locate termites within buildings for a number of years. We use the latest state-of-the-art termite detection devices including Thermal Imaging, Borescope, Termatrac (a microwave termite detection device), and moisture meters. With this arsenal of tools and our depth of knowledge we provide termite detection that is second to none.
    • We have been called upon to provide special reports and non-intrusive inspection techniques to heritage houses such as Government House, Vaucluse House, the Sydney Art Gallery, and the Old Sydney Mint, as well as many other museums and heritage houses around NSW.
    • We have also provided advice and termite detection services to assist CSIRO research.
    • In 1999 the New Zealand Government engaged our consulting service to address a quarantine issue they had been unable to resolve for over twenty years. After we assessed the problem and made recommendations, we were employed by the New Zealand Government to install the Sentricon Colony Elimination System at seven properties. We continue to be contracted by the New Zealand Government to manage further termite incursion sites found in 2006 and 2007.

Pestforce Team:

  • Our personnel are regularly contracted by other Pest Management companies to provide consulting services on long-term and chronic termite problems.
  • Pestforce has had a strong history of involvement in Industry Associations being a founding member of The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association and PestCert.
  • Pestforce staff have also been responsible for 'blowing the whistle' on imported pests. In the last 10 years we have detected three separate breaches in quarantine; the discovery of the world's most destructive termite on a boat in Sydney Harbour in 1996, cane borer found in imported chairs, and the European house borer in a Sydney bowling alley in 2000.
  • Our greatest strength is our commitment to service and quality. Our technicians are highly trained and well supported by a team of dedicated administration staff. We have a high ratio of administration staff to field staff that enables us to maintain our high level of customer service.

Pestforce and the environment:

  • Pestforce has had a strong history of involvement in Industry Associations being a founding member of The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association and PestCert.

What Our Customers Say:

"I wish to thank the staff for a very useful job well done."
G. Neill, Sydney

"The Sentricon Termite Eradication Control System was installed on my property... in January 1998. This was after the failure of several chemical application measures. The termite problem was eradicated in 2 months and there has been no recurrance.
I highly recommend this chemical free control measure to anyone with a termite problem."
Dr Menzies, Bondi Junction

"Termites invaded our house and a number of pest control services treated the problem with traditional methods. After a protracted and frustrating period of time to find that these methods were not effective, Pestforce was recommended to us. This company advised us of the varous methods that were available to us, including the 'Sentricon' system. Pestforce installed 'Sentricon', and our house is now free of termites.
Pestforce haved proved to be a very professional and reliable company, and the service that they provide is of a high standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is unfortunate enough to have termites in their home."
C. Mitchell, Londonderry

"I have been using Pestforce's Sentricon preventative system since the eradication and have been thrilled with the service of the technicians. They are always courteous, reliable and clear in their verbal and written reports. Any queries are dealt with promptly and clearly, and calls between visits welcomed. Their services are regular and in keeping with any new discovery of termites outside the home and three monthy inside inspections are conducted. The technicians are unobtrusive in their approach, yet are always ready to spen time addressing any issues that may arise.
I am more than happy to recommend Pestforce as one of the best pest eradication companies current operating, particularly in relation to termites."
C. McArdle, Hills District.

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